About Us

Software development buys the food, but, artwork feeds the soul.

Working at the University of Notre Dame as a software developer, I spend a great deal of 'thinking' time wandering and enjoying the beautiful campus. Nothing clears the head better than a nice walk, and, many of my solutions are mentally crafted during these walks. A side benefit of my time outdoors roaming the fringes of campus are the creative ideas that present themselves. So, as you will probably observe, most of my work reflects my surroundings and daily experiences. The products I have chosen to display my designs mostly began as gifts to friends and family. I have always preferred giving gifts that are more personal in nature. My wife and daughters love bags of all shapes and sizes as is probably evident by the selection of products you see.

If you are wondering about the name 'Monsterlicio.us,' I have to say it was a nickname for one of my children and I thought it was a unique and memorable name for my creative spot on the interwebs. I plan to release new designs as often as I am able, so keep checking back. If there is a specific type of product you are interested in seeing one of these designs on, please drop me a line and I will see what I can do. 

Thank you for visiting my creative outlet. I hope you find something that stirs your soul! And, please, feedback is always appreciated via info@monsterlicio.us.